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3 Novel Series that will Inspire you to Write

Harry Potter Book Series will Inspire you to Write

Are you in the midst of writing a novel series? Do you feel stuck or think your novel sucks?

Well, you are not alone!

Authors tend to be their own worst critic when it comes to writing. To get some perspective on writing your novel, pick up a book and read.

Reading series that are in your genre or outside of your genre can give you some perspective and spark inspiration when it comes to your own book.

Below are 3 Novel Series that have inspired me to write, have you read any of them?

The Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy Novel Series Will Inspire you to Write

Richelle Mead created the Vampire Academy series. This series is amazing for so many reasons but the one that stands out the most is the plot twists. There are moments in this series where I had to pick my jaw up off the floor!

I won’t spoil them for you but just know they are really intense! For reviews on the first two books click here!

This novel series follows Rose Hathaway on her journey to becoming a Guardian. She is sassy, hilarious and stubborn and she is one of my favourite characters. There are 6 novels in this series and with each book you get more and more hooked.

The Seven Realms Series by Cinda Williams Chima

Seven Realms Novel Series will Inspire you To Write

Cinda William Chima created a world that is very unique with an intricate history and amazing characters. We follow two characters, Han and Raisa ana’Marianna who live very different lives.

Han is a thief trying to make a living for himself and his mother. Raisa is a Princess, heir to the Fells Throne.

The anticipation of this novel where the two characters are crossing paths but never really meet is intense. I can still feel the excitement that flowed throw my veins when that scene finally came.

There is magic, love, adventure and danger scattered throughout the four novel in this series and it is so entertaining. I could not put the first three books down and then I had to wait months for the release of the fourth book. It was hard but well worth it.

Harry Potter By J.K Rowling

Harry Potter Book Series will Inspire you to Write
Thanks @owlcrate for the awesome Deathly Hollow socks!

Harry Potter is legendary and will forever be my favourite series because it made we want to be a writer. The power of words and the imagination is insane, and J.K. Rowling created an empire that will live forever.

The Harry Potter series spans Seven novels which covers the seven years witches and wizards go to school. Harry, Ron and Hermione are taken on adventures that captivate the audience. We all have different experiences in our lives but there is something about this novel series that resonates with so many people.

What Makes a Novel Series Successful?

The Universe

All of these novels create a world that jumps off the page and can easily draw in a reader (I am still waiting for my letter, but the owl seems to be lost.) All of these authors created a world that suspend our disbelief.

For example, The Vampire Academy dives into the world of three different kinds of vampires who live in our world as it is, but their entire society is a secret and humans don’t really play a huge role other than for food. While we read we don’t question why the society is how it is, we just accept it and that marks an excellent novel.

 The Characters

All of these authors created Character’s that we can relate too. It can either be there age, gender, ambition, outlook, abilities etc. that piques the interest of a reader. You want to avoid the picture-perfect character because it is the flaws that are most relatable.

Character’s that are struggling with their friendships, romantic relationships, and career goals covers the majority of what us humans focus on. Reading is a way to escape reality and readers want to be pulled into a story that makes them feel emotion.

The Emotional Connection

Reader’s want to connect with the struggle and follow a character on their journey to overcome it. Think of the characters you have cried over or the ones you blush for when something embarrassing happens. That means you’re invested in their lives because the author created an emotional connection with you and their character.

Emotion can go both ways, you can love someone in a book or you can hate someone so much that you get angry when they are in a scene. *cough* Umbridge *cough* *cough* Also, you get joy in seeing their defeat!

This is why dynamic characters with different personalities, distinct goals and motivations are crucial to a successful novel because they connect to the reader on so many levels.

Why Should You Read A Novel Series When You Should Be Writing?

Reading will inspire you to write. Now this is where people chime in, saying you can’t copy other authors ideas.

Well, let’s take a minute and think about this for a second. I speak English and the English alphabet has 26 letters in it. Every single thing we read in the English language is made up of only 26 letters and some punctuation. So, the chances of writing something that have pieces of similarity is inevitable.

For me, I love magic and witchcraft, but I am making my work in progress different than anything I have ever read. Since I haven’t read every single novel out there maybe something could be similar, but it will not be the same.

We are all so unique that when we write, our voice and life experiences come out through the writing process.

So, reading is a way to escape reality for a bit and to see what other authors are creating.

Every time I close a book I sit there with a feeling of excitement because I can’t wait until I have a finished copy of my own book. The sense of accomplishment these authors must feel when their novels are shipped into bookstores and readers are picking them up is what keeps me going because I want to share my story. Even if only one person buys it (probably my grandma) I will feel accomplished.

Read as many books as you can, write as much as you can ever single day and ask yourself, what books inspire you to write? 

Happy Reading and Writing Bookish Friends!

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