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7 Things I Need While Writing


What are your essentials when it comes to sitting down to write?


This is a given. I am a document writer. I can outline or jot notes down for a story on paper but I cannot write my full story with pen and paper.

Sometimes, I do get distracted occasionally with internet access so that is a downfall but I set myself goals to complete before I can have a break.


I have a notebook problem! I mean it really isn’t my fault because there are so many cute notebooks out there. But I have recently started to put all my story notes in one notebook and binder.

I have to have this notebook and binder with me when I am writing, as it has information I’ll refer to while I am writing.

This also prevents me from getting stuck on a name or needing to understand how far my characters have to travel or other things that might stop you from getting hitting that word count.

Word Count

Speaking of word count. I like to give myself a goal when I am sitting down to write. It is usually 1000 words which seems like a lot but if I get into the zone, I cane easily write that in a 45 minutes to an hour.

Having a goal in mind makes me stay seated until I have reached it. If I don’t have a goal, I tend to reread what I have written previous days and that causes a spiral into editing that does not need to happen right now.


Some people can’t write with music on but I find that it helps me focus. Especially if I am in a cafe or out in public, the music helps me tune out the noise around me.

If I am in my home office, I can use the music to motivate me. I have an upbeat playlist that is filled with music that literally makes me want to take on the world.

What is your go to motivational song?

Cup of Tea or Coffee

I drink both tea and coffee, it really depends on my mood. Right now I have been drinking just tea. And also ordering London Fogs as well.

But I like to have something to sip on while I am writing! Do you prefer coffee or tea?


Pinterest is awesome for searching elements to your story. If you need a character description, location, or help with describing a scene. I turn to Pinterest. Lots of people have story boards that are filled with images that relate to their world.

Setting is huge in a story and being able to look at a physical picture of a place or a house can really set your writing apart.

Setting a Timer

I put a timer on my phone for thirty minutes. For this thirty minutes, I focus solely on writing. I do not look at my phone, change tabs in my web browser. I just write.

After the thirty minutes, if I haven’t hit my word count, I’ll look at my phone briefly, or take a look at my to do list or grab a snack. This is usually 10 – 15 minutes, just to allow myself a break.

Then I set the timer again.

Of course, if I am in a state of flow and the ideas are just pumping out of me, I won’t take a break, I will just set the timer again and keep going.

Do you have any must haves when it comes to sitting down to write? Let me know in the comments below!

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