Hello! I’m Marissa!

I am a book lover, creative writer and an avid dreamer but from the content of my blog you probably already figure that out!

 So what else can I tell you?

I have always been a reader. Ever since I was a little girl my grandma would take me to bookstores and we would browse the shelves for ours. I could not be more thankful to her for contributing to one of my many joys in life!

However, after high school I went straight into University and action packed fantasy novels were traded in for textbooks. Thankfully I majored in English and was able to read some classic novels, but it was still forced for an assignment and I still couldn’t find much joy in it.

Now that I am graduated it is time to get back into the reading and creative writing world!

Marissa Harder Author and Book Lover
Marissa Harder Author Mexico

What Am I Doing Here?

This blog is a space for me as a creative soul to express my interests and give advice when it comes to reading certain books and writing a novel.

The feeling of reading a good book is amazing and I want to share that with fellow book lovers!

  • Not being able to but the book down for hours (reading hangovers are a thing)
  • Slamming the book closed because the MC just did something superrrr embarrassing and you can’t read the next few lines
  • Giggling at the book while at family events and getting weird looks but you don’t care because PLOT TWIST
  • Not expecting the plot twists and screaming out loud wondering what is going to happen to the beloved characters you are now so attached too
  • Re reading Harry Potter because well, it’s Harry Potter
  • Taking pictures of gorgeous book covers and connecting with incredible authors

There are so many more things that come with sitting down with a good book and I would love to hear some of your favourite bookish moments – comment below!

You know what they say – Reading makes you a better Writer!

I don’t know about you, but I have multiple ideas for books bouncing around in my head but the struggle to get it down on paper is rather difficult. Everyone has their own method and I want to share my journey when it comes to getting that first draft onto paper.

Writing a novel is another way to escape the reality and immerse yourself into a world, a world that you created with your own mind and that sounds like a pretty fantastic time to me!

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Happy Reading and Writing Bookish Friends!