• Red Queen Victoria Aveyard Book Review
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    Red Queen By Victoria Aveyard

    Rating: 4 Stars Mare Barrow is thrown into a world that she has been shunned from her entire life. The Universe that Aveyard creates is very unique and spectacular! All the elements for a fantasy novel series are in this…

  • Last Star Burn Caitlin Sangster Book Review
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    Last Star Burning By Caitlin Sangster

    Rating: 3 Stars Last Star Burning is a great novel! I really enjoyed the society/concept and how it is divided into three sections where everyone has their purpose. However, there are couple character elements that didn’t come through the page…

  • Frostbite Richelle Mead Book Review
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    Frostbite – Richelle Mead

    4/5 Stars Frostbite is the second novel in The Vampire Academy Series. Rose Hathaway and Lissa Dragomir are back in a new adventure! I find that all of Richelle Mead’s novels have an easy flow to them and simplistic conflict…

  • The Lunar Chronicle Series Marissa Meyer
    Book Reviews

    Winter – Marissa Meyer

    Rating: 5 – SPOILERS! Winter is the last book of The Lunar Chronicle series and it does not disappoint! Action, suspense, love, fear, and so much more in this epic conclusion. Can everyone say it with me – I like…

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    Cress – Marissa Meyer

    Rating: 5 – Spoilers are below! This book has it all. Marissa Meyer’s is bringing more and more to each of the Lunar Chronicle novels and Cress is my favourite. The adventures of Cinder continues and so many amazing things…

  • Book Reviews

    Scarlet – Marissa Meyer

    Rating 4 The Lunar Chronicles continues with the second novel, Scarlet. We left off with Cinder in a bit of trouble – check out my review of Cinder (the first book in this series) Here! Synopsis Snippet “Halfway around the world,…

  • The Ironflower Laurie Forest Book Review
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    The Iron Flower – Laurie Forest

    Rating 4 Elloren Gardner is back in the second book in The Black Witch Chronicles – to read up on The Black Witch Book Review click here. Laurie Forest once again creates a story that involves so much detail and…