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Everless by Sara Holland

Everless Book Review Sara Holland

Rating: 4 Stars

Sara Holland creates a novel that is intriguing and filled with surprising turns. I really enjoyed the storyline and can’t wait for the second book!

Let’s dive in!

Everless Book Review Sara Holland
Everless by Sara Holland


In the Kingdom of Sempera, time is money – extracted from the blood, traded in coins, and taxed to the hilt. Wealthy aristocrats like the Gerling family live for centuries, while the commoners struggle to survive.

Jules Ember loathes the Gerlings. She and her father were servants at Everless, the Gerlings palatial estate, until a fateful accident drove them away. But now, desperate to earn time, Jules returns to Everless amid preparations for the wedding of the youngest Gerling lord to the Queen’s daughter.

Jules discovers that Everless holds more temptations – and danger – than she thought possible. Stories from her childhood begin to take a new significance, dragging her into a past she hardly recognizes and revealing a tangle of violent secrets that could change her future – and the future of time itself – forever.


Jules Ember

Jules Ember is the main character of this novel. We follow her on her journey to discover the truth about her past and what lies ahead for her future.

I like how Jules had a taste of the elite lifestyle, even as servant before she had to live in small town struggling to survive. She had already gone through so much in her life before we even meet her.

Liam Gerling

Liam’s purpose in this novel changes the most. I am excited to see how he ends up in the next novel. We meet him right away and Jules hates him. Liam is the reason her and her father left Everless in the first place.

Throughout the novel we do not see that much of Liam until the end. I am not here to spoil anything but he does play a larger part in Jules life then she was lead to believe.

Roan Gerling

Roan is an interesting character. He is a huge part of Jules past and her future but the encounters with him are small. Such as little conversations in the hallways and meeting in the gardens. I like the subtleties of his character throughout the novel. I don’t want to spoil anything so let me know what you think of Roan in the comments below!


One of my favourite things about this novel is how Holland uses Jules’ childhood memories. Everyone can relate to looking back at their childhood and recalling a certain event. However, as we get older that event loses its childhood innocence. More and more details brought to light distorts that childhood memory for Jules.

Another element of this novel is the story of the Sorceress and the Alchemist. This is the origin story of how time and blood are bound together. It is an interesting story of betrayal and deceit. The twist the story took at the very end was excellent!

Overall, this book is a very nice read! You should go read it!

Happy reading all!

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