As a reference, here is how I rate books on a scale of 1 – 5 stars!

5 – Absolutely amazing! I was captivated from the start and the book delivers in all aspects such as characters, plot twists and conclusion. I will definitely read the book again!

4 – Really good book! Enjoyed reading it and will recommend it! Might read it again.

3 – Good book! Maybe not as captivating as other books but will still recommend. Probably won’t read again.

2 – Still a good book but certain elements might not have clicked or come across on the page for me.

1 – I will look at the positive side of all books but some books might not register with me the same way it does with others. It also comes down to character development, the universe and plot. If there is a disconnect between those elements and I struggle to read the book, it will get 1 star.

Just remember that this is my opinion of the book. We all come from different walks of life and will interpret stories differently so feel free to disagree with my opinion or agree with it! But I am simply here to spread my love for reading and talk about amazing authors who have accomplished the goal of publishing their work!

All the best,