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The Iron Flower – Laurie Forest

The Ironflower Laurie Forest Book Review

Rating 4

Elloren Gardner is back in the second book in The Black Witch Chronicles – to read up on The Black Witch Book Review click here.

Laurie Forest once again creates a story that involves so much detail and history that you captivated at each moment. You are attached to the characters and their journey, not knowing what is going to happen.

Synopsis Snippet

“Elloren Gardner and her friends were only seeking to right a few wrongs when they rescued a Selkie and freed a military dragon. The last thing they expected was to be thrust into a realm-wide underground resistance against Gardnerian conquests…

Caught between her growing feelings for the rebellious Yvan Guriel and the seductive power offered by Lukas, Elloren must find a way to stay true to what she knows it right and protect everyone she loves… even if that means protecting them from herself.”

The Iron Flower Laurie Forest Book Review
Not being able to put the book down but also not wanting the book to be over #readerstruggles


If you have read The Black Witch you should already be somewhat familiar with the universe that Forest has created. However, this novel takes you deeper into the different races that make up the Western Realm.

Introducing the The Amazakaran. This is a group of amazonian like woman who are very powerful warriors who hate men. Men are not allowed to enter their borders. They are simple used for continuing on the race, if these woman have boys they exile them out of their land. This is a very interesting element to the story and I want to know more about this tribe of powerful women.

You get to see different perspectives and how hatred and fear have been brewing for sometime now. Since the novel is written in first person everything is through the eyes of Elloren. She is figuring all this out with us. Her character has already grown so much since the first novel to where she is now.

Character Development

Elloren started off in the first novel as a shelter little girl who only had one view of the world but she was still empathetic to those around her. Now she is the middle of a war with the people who raised her, her blood line and the minorities that her blood line is out to get. She has to choose. Making this choice is hard but she does make one.

All her friends are made up of people her race, the Gardnerian’s have told her to hate or distrust because of their beliefs. The Gardnerian’s are taking over the Western realm and all minorities who do not stand by the Gardnerian’s or they are of a particular race that is deemed inferior is being hunted and removed from their home.

Forest does an excellent job of building the intensity of Elloren’s struggles by taking her time throughout the book. My criticism of the first novel was that it was a slow starter and I stand by that but it makes sense why it had to be that way. The story moves along with ease but there is an element of constantly wanting answers. This second novel is AMAZING! There is so much to digest which leads me to the next element.

Plot Twists

This novel gives you answers and makes you want more. I cannot wait until the third novel is on the shelves because I will be purchasing it IMMEDIATELY. What happens next? Laurie Forest please let us know soon!

The main element to this series is the Prophecy. Elloren’s grandmother was a very powerful witch and Elloren herself is the spitting image of her with out the powers. Or so we thought. There is not much on this but just enough leaving us wanting more.

The lines are blurred between who and what is evil and who should really can be trusted. Throughout this novel new elements come to light but Laurie does it a way that builds up and up and up until it all comes crashing down into an incredible climax that is devastating and crucial and understandable. It all fits so well together.

I highly recommend this series if you love magic, friendship, turmoil and impending war!

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