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Utilize Your Creative Mindset With These 5 Easy Tips!

Utilize Your Creative Mindset With These 5 Easy Steps

Sitting down to write it can be overwhelming at first, trying to find out where to start. Even if you are a complete newbie or seasoned professional it is easy to get caught up on wanting to do so much that focussing on one thing can be difficult. Finding your Creative mindset is crucial to getting that novel finished.

Utilize Your Creative Mindset With These 5 Easy Steps

We all have busy schedules with a never-ending checklist of things to do. So, when you get that chance to sit down to write we need to harness that creative energy as fast as possible.

Do you struggle getting focussed right away? Not sure where to start?

I feel yah!

That cursor blinking at you as if its telling you, type something, type something, over and over again. It can be frustrating!

Here are some tips that can help!

Tip #1 Have a Creative Space

Find a place that is designated as your creative space. If you have a spare room, an office or some place to go where you and your characters can be alone that’s great! Make that space your own. Put up pretty pictures and have motivating sayings and/or images all around you!

wild and free choose happy

If you do not have that designated space in your house and you have to sit in your living room or at the dining room table, try your best to get all the distractions out of there. That means putting the phone away, turn off notifications and set a timer.

Setting a timer will help you focus your creativity because you will want to get as much done in that time frame as you possible can. You can even make it a competition with yourself. How many words can you write in that ten-minute window? Can you beat that the next time you write?

Another option is to go to a cafe. Getting out of your usually surrounds can spark a creative mindset. Either choose a spot you have never been too or sit somewhere you can people watch (this is not creepy thing but if you do something silly in public, a writer may use it in a story – you never know when we are watching)

Once you get into that space your mind knows it is time for creative genius and you will be well on your way.  

Tip # 2 Create a Writing Schedule and Stick to it

I talk more about creating a writing schedule that can work for anyone HERE. However, life is busy and things can pop up in the day that wasn’t planned for so we have to adapt. I have three times of the day I know I will have at least 30 minutes available to write. If you can write at the same time every day that is best. For me that is the morning, I get up earlier so I can write a little before the work day begins.

It is all about finding balance and some days you just won’t have time to write and that is okay. You have not failed. You are human! Just schedule in an extra writing session to make up those words!

Tip #3 Write every idea down on paper

If you are walking down an isle at the grocery store and you are deciding what type of pasta to eat this week and out of nowhere a genius plot point enters your brain, what do you?

  1. Shrug it off and select your pasta.
  2. Cry because you are not next to your computer and you want to write so bad!
  3. Take out your phone or a pen and quickly jot down the idea in your notes app!

Well, the answer is #3.

If you carry a purse always have a pen and small notebook on you or your phone is just as capable to jot down those little sparks of insight because when you sit down to write a few hours later, maybe even the next day you can revisit that idea and your creative genius will start flowing right away.

I have forgotten one to many ideas because I told myself I would remember it! Write It Down!

Tip #4 Get excited about your Work in Progress

If you schedule your writing slot every day, you sit down, you struggle with writing and then give up after twenty minutes. This is not enjoyable.

You want to be so excited to write your novel that you do a small dance/ wiggle in your chair when you are about to start writing. Do you get excited when you write a really embarrassing scene? Maybe your characters are being mischievous and getting up to no good! It’s the best!

There is so much to this process that looking at it with a negative mindset is not good. It will lead to you giving up and never finishing your work because why would you keep doing something that is frustrating?

How do you get excited about your current Work in Progress?

Look back at why you created your characters in the first place. What made you pick this genre?  Find that spark that got this whole process started because it is easy to get lost in the need to finish that you forget why you are even writing in the first place.

Tip #5 When in Doubt Free Write

Alright, so the last tip! If you are sitting at your desk/ chair and nothing is coming to mind.

FREE WRITE! Click here for Writing Prompts you can use to get the ideas flowing!

Or find a random writing prompt on Pinterest or online somewhere and write. Or write about your Characters favourite colour and how that came to be. Pick something mundane that might not relate to your overall story, but it will get words down on the page.

Since you have been so focussed on your current work in progress your mind will naturally turn a random free write into something that can connect to your overarching theme of the novel. Even if to doesn’t seem to fit in your novel right now, it might spark a plot point you didn’t even know possible.

Do Not Give Up!

Take it day by day, page by page and line by line. You have the ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to just remember to focus that creative mindset with these 5 easy tips!

Let me know if these tips help or add your own in the comments below.

Happy Writing!

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