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Why Do We Fear Failure and How to Conquer it!

Why do we fear failure and how to conquer it

Are you afraid of trying something new? Do you think that maybe you might not be good enough to accomplish your goals? Well, this is the fear of failure talking.

Being afraid of something is alright but when that fear is so strong that it prevents you from taking the first step is when we have a problem.

Why do we fear failure and how to conquer it

Making a change in your life or committing to a goal is hard and being afraid of what happens next is normal. Here are few tips to help you understand that fear and how to overcome it.

Ask Yourself Why

Why does this change, or goal make you afraid? Is it a big risk, will you look like a fool, maybe it will be stressful? If any of these things are the case I want you to write down three pros of this goal and three cons. Do the pros outweigh the cons?

Here is an example from my life. I want to write a novel. I am afraid that my idea is stupid or my characters are flat on the page. Should those fears prevent me from writing my first draft? Absolutely NOT!

The first draft is messy. The first draft is bad. The reason we even write a first draft is get the ideas on a page. So, if you want to write a novel, my advice is to write. Just write one word after the other!

Another easy example of this is trying to lose weight. The pros could be, finding your confidence, feeling good in your clothes and having a healthier body. Some of the cons can be getting up early to go the gym, choosing healthy foods, being consistent. Now that you have these pros and the cons, ask yourself if these cons are truly deal breakers and will prevent you from getting to that end goal.

I bet you want to achieve that goal really bad and once you get it into your mind that nothing can stop you except for the voice inside your head, then you will be well on your way to overcoming the fear of failure.

But how do you stop that voice inside your head telling you that you will fail?


We are afraid of somethings because we focus on what we do not have. We fear that we will not be good enough. If you start a gratitude journal and write down three to five things you love about your life and yourself right now you will be surprised to see how that positivity changes your daily life.

Focusing on what you want to change and how hard that will be is why fear settles in. It is a type of procrastination because if you convince yourself it is too hard or you will fail no matter what then you will not even give that goal a try.

So, focus on the good things in your life. Write it all down. Then slowly make changes towards your goals.

If you want to finish you first draft then set small word count goals for each day and stick too them! If you want to lose weight, sign up for a gym and go once a week to start, then twice, then three times.

Take it step by step but never forget what you have right now. Be grateful for the life you have while striving for the life you want because you only get one life so you might as well enjoy it.

Join a Like Minded Group

This world is filled with people who want to accomplish the same goals as you. Guaranteed someone out there right now has the same fears and uncertainty as you. So, join a Facebook group or follow a blog that inspires you. You might get advice that helps you realize your fear is valid, but it should not prevent you from pursuing your goals.

I know that it is hard to take that first step but accomplishing your goals no matter how small or how big fills your soul with a light that you didn’t know was possible until you get there.

For me Writing is what I was placed on this earth to do. The feeling I get in my chest, my gut, my soul is utter elation when I sit down to write. When plot points click together I do a happy dance because I am so excited!

Find your people, share with your family or a friend.

For me, this might sound weird, but I prefer to share my life struggles with complete strangers than I do with my close friends and family members. You might ask why?

Well, I know how my friends will react and what questions they will ask. I want to get a perspective that I am not use too. I also want someone to be honest with me and my family will just appease me with their answers.

I am not saying to leave your family out of this because moral support is another key to accomplishing your goals. If your family is your backbone, then share a way because it will feel amazing to get your fears out in the open.

One of my fears is that I will write my first novel, and no one will ever read it. Another fear is that I’ll lose interest in my health again and gain back all the weight I lost. These fears are real, and they are a part of my daily life but I am never going to know if I can conquer these fear without trying my absolute hardest.

When you look into the future and wondering where your life is going and what changes you want to make, remember that you can do it.

No matter how afraid you are you have the power to take that first step.

What do you do when the negativity and fear comes back?

You are motivated and ready to accomplish all your goals and the fear is silent for a time but every so often it creeps back in. The fear that you will feel does not just disappear forever, it will come back, and it will make you question if you are on the right path.

So make sure to go back through the tips above because refocusing your goals will help you to continue to conquer fear! At first it is a battle to get that voice to quit down but the more consistent you are in focusing your mindset and setting attainable goals, the easier it will be to conquer fear!

What are one of your fears when it comes to your goals?

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