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Why Should You Write A Novel?

JK Rowling Quote

Are you wondering if you should write a novel? Is there an idea bouncing around in your head that you want to put down on paper? Maybe you read a book that sparked an idea, but you don’t know if you should do it.  

Starting on the journey to write a novel is a big one! Here a few things you should know before you start.

Tell Your Story

There are so many novels already written. One concern I have and so many people come across is that all the stories have already been written. Yes, there are so many stories out there but yours is not. You have to remember that your voice, your ideas are unique besides, no one else is inside your head. You have an interesting take on the world through all of your life experiences so keep that in mind while you sit down to write.

Another way I look at is that there are 26 letters in the English language and a variety of punctuation that make us pause, stop and question. That means every book, blog, textbook is written using those 26 letters, piecing them together to make words, those words into sentences, then paragraphs and so on until you have story.  

Of course, this can change for you if you know more than one language. I however, only know the one.

If every novel written in the English language uses the same 26 letters you still have the ability to place those letters on the page. Always keep in mind the story YOU want to tell and not the story you THINK people want you to tell. Your words are relevant, your voice will be heard and your novel will be published.    

The Power of a Book

Take minute to think of the books you have read that stick with you. Is there a book that touched your soul? How many characters do you miss and reread those novels in order to have them back, like meeting a distance friend for coffee.

The first novel series I remember falling in love with was The Immortals by Tamara Peirce. I think I was eleven years old (ish) and the universe I was taken too has stuck with me over the years.

JK Rowling Quote

Of course, there is Harry Potter which I have read multiple times and every time they are just as good. JK Rowling is an inspiration. The quote above says it all. The words we choose to use have the power to cause someone joy or sadness or anger or fear or laughter. This is relevant to your writing but also to everyday life. Choose your words carefully.

A book is an escape. You are setting out on a journey with people you have never met, who you fall in love with and those who you despise.

Knowing the power that your book can have on an audience is an incredible feeling and motivator when it comes to sharing your own story. I want to create an escape for someone who needs to take a step out of reality for a moment. The world we live in right now is a scary place and a book can take you far away if you need it to.

The Novel Writing Community

The writing community is the best. I participated in NaNoWriMo this past year and all the writers involved are welcoming and supportive. This was my first time participating in NaNoWriMo and I won. Click here for tips on Winning Nano!

There are Facebook groups you can join and Pinterest boards you can follow to get a look at fellow authors and their experiences. With so many people on their own journey someone will have an answer to your questions.

Find an author or two that write in your genre and might have a novel or two already publish and learn from them. The writing community is filled with funny, entertaining, caring people who all have a passion for words. They also know the struggles of staring at a blank page for twenty minutes with no idea in sight.

Writing a novel is no easy feat and I am still on the journey. Let’s enjoy this adventure together. So, grab a notebook and pen or select a blank document and let’s start writing today!

Are you ready to start writing your novel today?

Happy Writing!

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